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Utah Rivers

A place where Utah white water lovers can talk about rivers, meet new people, plan trips, etc...

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Eerie Von's (Danzig/Samhain Bassist) Misery Obscura Media Tour

I wanted to spread the word about my good friend Eerie Von---who is best known for being the cofounder and bassist of Samhain and Danzig---and his Misery Obscura tour. Many fans don't knowvthat he's an accomplished painter and photographer. He has a

Submissions for Romance Anthology Wanted

Vanilla Heart Publishing Romance Anthology 2010 Call for Submissions What We're Seeking: Stories from 1,000 words to 10,000 words (close is good) with significant romantic elements. Prose only, please, no poetry for this

Toy hunter show like or dislike?

I really love the premise of the show and i think it is nice to see all those older toys but i really think that the host is ripping people off due to their ignorance of the real value of their toys he is able to get out of their hands. Case in point,

Samhain Publishing

Just to give everyone a heads up - Samhain Publishing are now open again for general submissions.

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