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2 x Scissors for Sale

Make an offer I was sent these 2 pairs of scissors as a peace offering from a supplier who stuffed up my last shampoo order immensely. They are no good for me. I'm a lefty, and have my own decent set of scissors now. These feel good to me in the

Cut meat with scissors

This tip came in an e-news letter today. The funny thing is, I have already been doing this, but never really thought to post it for some reason. When you have some kitchen shears it makes it much easier to cut up meat and it's quicker than doing it wit


When I thin my plants (like green beans, peas, squash, okra) do I thin to one stalk per space where I planted seeds? What is the best way to thin them out? Trim with garden shears? Will the plant grow back since the roots are still there?

Poodle Antics's family members :)

Elsie Rose chillin on the lounge

Seedling question (culling)

So, I planted my first box some bit ago, and I have things sprouting left and right. My question is, for example, my radishes, which I planted 16 to a square, 2 or 3 seeds per hole: Once they are up, am I supposed to prune/cull it down to one plant

Senior Dog Groomer Busy Professional Salon Surry Hills

Looking for a senior dog groomer, work as much or as little as you like Full time, Part time or casual. We have plenty of work. We specialise in style grooms - giving the client what they want (within reason) - we do loads of traditional clips too. We ar

Bugs with tiny scissors?

Something is turning the leaves in the garden into paper dolls. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to care what sort of plant it's cutting on... beans and tomatoes are equally at risk. I find slits and holes in the leaves, and little bits of leaves on the

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