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20th Century Pottery, Glass, Art & Collectables

Discuss, research and identify 20th Century pottery, glass, fine art, lighting, furniture, and decorative arts.

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Otto Wichmann

Since I had these out I thought I would go ahead and post their images.Jack

My phallus

Ive seen your pathetic little piece and i raise you 60cm plus As Fonzie might say Kev `Sit on it´

Bristlenose in the same tank with otto's

Can i mix bristlenose and Otto's in the same planted 55gal aquarium?

Vintage Sanyo speakers - Otto DC-37 (SOLD)

Up for sale are a pair of vintage Sanyo bookshelf 'double cone' speakers. Otto was Sanyo's attempt to break into the 'high end' and they were apprarently quite succesful, due in part to the acquisition of Fisher at around the same time.Condition of

Is this by the Otto I think it is?

Can't find but a couple of somewhat recent marks by Otto Heino and since I picked this up for $4, I am always hopeful, did I do good?Thank you in advance.

Werkstatt Hohlt (Otto, Albrecht & Görge), Katzbach

Werkstatt Hohlt (Otto, Albrecht & Görge), located in Katzbach30cmmy first one, i love it

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