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Oasis SMP

One of the best SMP Minecraft servers out there! A wide variety of Bukkit plugins including, Logblock, iConomy, and McMMO to ensure you have the best possible Multiplayer experience.

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Sainteven's modest proposal - feedback please

This is a plan i would like to see become reality but i would like to get the forums thoughts to know if it would have any hope of success. incoming wall of text Firstly a new map would be made, accessible only through portals. This map would be

sainteven's new kinda hidden city

My latest hidden city is not well hidden so no hints. Same as the vault, if you find it you can live there. The city is the imperial city from oblivion. If you find it you can build in the temple, elven gardens, or talos plaza districs. shops can build in

Sainteven's triwizard tournament. Fun even if you think harry potter is lame.

So my brothers a big harry potter fan and suggested this and it sounds like a fun activity for the server. Those of you that read the harry potter books or watched the movies know about the triwizard tournament. We are going to recreate the 3 tasks of the

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