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this is to test the phone

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Roster Apps for windows phone??

So lately my android phone gave up the ghost, and as a stop-gap my friend gave me his old Windows phone, it's a nokia something. The app store is pretty limited, as you might have heard and there's no battlescribe. Just wondering if anyone knows

Moving the app to a new phone

Hey guys, I have my current company phone (LG P970) only till end of May ... than I get a new one and obviously I want to move my game and especially my game progress to the new device.The thing is my LG is not rooted and due to warranty I prefer not

Bannana phone

Hey guys,I have a screen shot of Bannana phone using fowl language and was told he had our tags on right before you know the deal.banhammer MsM Marn

Cellular Phone calling Detector

* Flashes a LED when detecting an incoming call * Powered by one 1.5V cellCircuit diagram:Parts:R1 = 100K 1/4W ResistorR2 = 3K9 1/4W ResistorR3 = 1M 1/4W ResistorC1, C2 = 100nF 63V Polyester CapacitorsC3 = 220µF

View Video Match of DotA2 on Android phone

Hi everyone.I'm proud to share with you the Android app that I've been developing for the last couple of days.This app let's you watch the lastest video of Pro Dota 2. You can view the video without any FLASH PLAYER. This app is free and will add

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