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XIONG CHANG tus phone

Nyob zoo tus uncle Xiong Chang, koj puas kam muaj koj tus phone zoo zoo rau kuv os.vim kuv phone koj tus number phone zoo li hais tias tsis yog lawm.Thov koj muaj koj tus phone dua rau kuv os vim kuv xav contact koj hais txog kev mus research txog ko

Phone scam

This morning I received a phone call on my cell phone from someone claiming to be with UPS.He said that there was a package for me from Publishers Clearing House and wanted to know if I would be home this afternoon.He had what I think was a

Selenium and Phonegap

I would love to use selenium to test my android phonegap application. Given that a phonegap app is a webview, perhaps the AndroidDriver could be modified to achieve this. Have anyone looked into this? Is it feasible?

Phone Job Interview This Morning on Top of a 3-Day Migraine

Well, wish me luck, everyone. I've been out of work for 9 months now, and in all that time have only had 1 real interview. I have another one - finally! - in about 30 minutes, a phone interview (the job is in Northern CA and I live in Southern CA) but I'm

Phone Apps

What kind of apps do you have on your phone and which are your favorite?

Phone pranks

Have you been a victim of phone pranks?Have you done phone pranks?What are the best phone pranks you've heard of?

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