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Giving Inf. CE,Clan Tags,Room Saves,And More To Non-Hackers

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Deleting Inactive Members without Notification

I would like to delete certain members who have been inactive for several months without sending an email or alerting them. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

Block forums instead of deleting.

Sometimes, a forum gets deleted for breaking a rule. I agree to delete a forum without recovery if it contains pornography or has illegal content but sometimes, a member might post that or a hacker and maybe the forum doesn't revolve around that certain

CSS keeps deleting

my css will delete the bottom properties every time I save and its messing up my site big time please look into this and get it fixed. And now it has ruined my social buttons. it will no longer scroll down the page.


Well I post the info box is white i want it to be transparent and when i delete a post it gives me white box too can this be fixed. site:

Deleting Images

How do you delete images from the root folder?

How do I stop members deleting their accounts?

There used to be a way of stopping members from deleting their own accounts but I can't find where the settings are for it? That is, of course, if the setting still exists? It's really annoying me and my fellow admins on our forum because there has

Deleting posts

How do I prevent members from deleting their own posts?

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