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The Dark Empire Sith Costuming Forums

The Dark Empire Sith Costuming Forum. The Dark Empire Sith Costuming Forums

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105th Infantry Costuming Division

Welcome to the 105th Costuming Forum

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Jabba's Princesses

This is a costuming club for all women who wear the metal bikini from Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It is a place where we get together and talk about the costume, share pictures and orga

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POTF, General Mills , ROTJ moc's for sale

Hello all, I'm not a regular member on here but wanted to see if anyone was interested in some items i've got for sale. Feedback can be found on the SWF forum if you so desire. ThanksWould prefer the payment to be sent paypal gift but if you want

ROTJ Darth Vader - help needed

Guy wants $125 for it.... It's of course 1983 Vader, it is unpunched which is great, but the bubble is yellowing, the normal sticker tear and the card as some minor creases.I offered $75 for it (first offered $65 which he said no). Now he's thinking

ATTENTION :::: COSTUMING ON THE DARK SIDE 101.. AND HOW TO SUBMIT TO THE DARK TRIALS .. read this thread for basic info on our costuming expectations

A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY"WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE ....... We look forward to completing your training".Greetings, I am Lord Zannah, your Library Overseer. Please, allow me to answer some of your "burning"

FT /FS rotj luke jedi moc pics added

hi lads,i picked up a luke jedi moc to replace the one i already had as this one is in better nic and has a much clearer bubble, its landed but was packed in a box that was too small and as such there is waving to the card and some stress narks to the

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