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Huge weekend for Sports Lovers, or for me anyway... !!!!

Heya folks, I've been away for a while, mostly over at TFL... but I was wondering how many was excited about the three day weekend and the great sports line up on the tube. First, my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs play their first season game at

Marchisio / De Rossi?

Hey guys. So i'm going to build this squad : And i wonder who to put at CDM? Marchisio or De Rossi

MOTM De Rossi He looks sick will defo be picking him up.

Anyone ever used TOTS De Rossi

Looking for a review on him, please

Supernatural family households not making me want to play the much mmm

am in the household where 2 male sims live. one is african looking skinny vampire and the other is a white very overweight fairy. it more interesting to me than the housefull with the black lady sim and her goth ghost family gee whiz. must play more i

Motm de rossi

how much is he going to drop to? really want to pick him up

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