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Rorkes Drift Cemetery.

Apart form the memorial in the cemetery there is a solitary grave. Does anyone know whom this belongs to? And was he killed during the Battle at Rorke’s Drift. If not why was he buried in the Rorkes Drift cemetery as I thought this was only for those that

Rorkes Drift Diorama Progress

The grass was knee-high so I bought a soldering gun and soldered a pin to every Zulus foot. I bought some teddy bear fur and then proceeded to spray paint it green although I believe I chose the wrong green. Under the teddy bear fur is insulation foam. It

Battle of Rorkes Drift. British Injuries

I know a lot of the injuries inflicted on the British at Rorkes drift was caused by bullets. Where can I find information on the wounds inflicted on the British other than bullet wounds.Surgeon Reynolds must have kept records relating to the men he

Bromhead & Chard after the Battle of Rorkes Drift.

Is it known if Bromhead & Chard remained friends after the Battle Of Rorkes Drift. Is there any documentation that shows they stayed in touch or even met up for a reunion of some kind.

Rorkes Drift Buildings

hi everyone,I was wondering if this could pass for one of the buildongs at rorkes drift if anyone could recomend a

Comparisons of casualties at Ulundi to Rorkes Drift

I refer to the Wikipedia historical article below in regard to the Zulu casualties at Ulundi compared to the casualties at Rorkes Drift.It is said that the the Zulus lost over 400 men plus uncountable wounded in the Rorkes Drift action against Lt

Rorkes Drift 1/6th scale

hi does anyone have a 'Private Williams' figure?Are they really worth the 50 plus quid they sell for?thanks joe

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