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The Brick Hope

Where all may come together and enjoy the hobby of LEGO peacefully.

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Brick Mania!

Welcome to Brick Mania! Your forum for games, movies, guides, anime, and entertainment!

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Cleaning Lego bricks

Hi all, Sorry if this thread has already been posted. I noticed recently that the Lego sets i have on display were quite dusty and so i painstakingly used hundreds of tooth picks with swabs of tissue attached to the end to get into all the nooks and

Brick Vegas on the Gold Coast

The Brisbane Lego Train Group will have their next display at the Miniature Train Club-Gold Coast model train show at Ashmore on the 23-24 July. We will have a similar display to the previous two shows this year but we are all making an effort to make

My trip plans to BRICKS n FUN

After the post on BLTG LUG Forum about BRICKS n FUN i have plan to go and check it out for myself on Friday so far what seen online its just what i have been looking for to film for my youtube channel. fingers cross i can get the word out about this

Juweela Bricks in 1/32nd - 1/35th Scale

Bricks in 1/32nd - 1/35th Scale By Shawn Gehling Well if bricks are what you are looking for. Here they are. Juweela has an outstanding selection of regular bricks. The Kit: Contains 1 plastic bag that has more than 150 bricks. They

League of Legends: I sh*t Bricks officially.

I was bored, so decided to go check something written in chines since i won't be able to read what the title is, I was comfortable that the contents won't be ... well, you'll see for yourself. So this video is about LoL player aka League of Legends, an

Juweela Clay Bricks in 1/35th Scale

Clay Bricks in 1/35th Scale By Shawn Gehling Looking to build something made of Clay Bricks (rough bricks) then look no further. If you are looking to spread a little rubble around or you can just glue them to the facade of a building to give it

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