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Sludge Swamp status?

Does anyone have any news concerning the Sludge Swamp?I thought the dot com site was supposed to launch a few days/weeks after the closing of the blog?I see Mari is still writing some reviews over here, and I know that she's still involved with

Cold Furnace - bluesey black outsider sludge

Hello fellow metal freaks. I'd like to share a few links for my weird black sludge band Cold Furnace. This thing is mixing black metal, sludge, and the old school drumless delta blues. It won't be for everyone, but hopefully someone might enjoy it. I

The 90's Doom, Stoner, Sludge Poll - Pick The Best / Your Favorite

Alright you wanted it, here it is. The 90's poll. I tried to cover all the most well-known bands and a mix of all the styles we talk about here. Have fun.

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...french dirty sludge monsters AGUIRRE on tour...

AGUIRRE "FATALITAS" TOUR 201217/02/2012 Liege-belgium@carlolevy18/02/2012 Scheveningen-nederlands@piraten bar19/02/2012 Amsterdam-nederlands@Adm20/02/2012 Aachen-germany21/02/2012 Wendland - germany 22/02/2012 Hambourg-germany@rote flora

Sludge bands

Hi. I'm new here. I spend a lot of time on the Christiam Metal Realm. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Christian sludge bands? Thanks.

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