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Cộng đồng cơ điện miền Nam

Cảm ơn đời mỗi sớm mai thức dậy, ta có thêm ngày nữa để yêu thương

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Suzuki Marauder125cc Owners Forum

Free forum :Suzuki Marauder GZ125 Owners discussion forum, feel free to join in, no holds barred marauder action, the slow cruiser. Hints and tips, and mechanical advice.

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BTB - Black Dwarfs and Mechanical Suit

Hey, Two questions... Can a Bull Centaur be equiped with a Mechanical Suit? The Black Dwarf warband in our Border Town Burning campaign has a Bull Centaur leader. The warband player is wanting chaos armour so that the Bull Centaur can cast spells as

Attaching Rangefinders to Mechanical Claws

While trying to make a new weapon for a new minifig, I discovered this. And I haven't seen it done before so I thought I might share it - If you have seen it and/or it's plainly obvious, then, well, abuse/flame/ban or do whatever you need to do to make me

Mechanical Fan Delete

Hey Wagon guyz Can I just delete the mechanical fan? Or do I have to add Dual electrics? Finally have the wagon running good enough to hear the noise....I'm not impressed. Plus I'm sure I can buy some mileage which I'm always happy with. I didnt do

Water temp gauge Mechanical wher is a port I can use LT 1 Need some help

I want to put a real water temp gauge but a Mechanical one . Wher can I put this in my LT 1 I can not find a water port on the intake or the heads . I need a hand with this one . Thanks 95 SS Impala 67 SS 427 Chevelle COPO BMW BMW M3 Drop top BM

My hand built mechanical expression pedal

I redid my set-up to match up with what I'm playing lately, and finally built something I had been wanting to build for at least 15 years now. Some here might remember Electro-Harmonix had an mechanical expression pedal that could turn knobs by way of a

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