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Naruto: Kami Gekijo

Chaos ruled in the beginning. The swirling forces of Entropy and Order in a swirling mess creating sparks of flame and fury that sparked out of existence almost as soon as they appeared. The great fir

#naruto:, #kami, #gekijo, #chaos, #ruled, #beginning, #swirling, #forces, #entropy, #order, #mess, #creating, #sparks, #flame, #fury, #that, #sparked, #existence

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The footer has appeared in the bottom of my forum

Hello everyone I was posting in my forum and I released that the footer of my forum is not in it's site. It's in the bottom of my page :S. Here I leave you one picture. I want to let my forum as it was TODAY on 17:47 (now it's 22:48 in

Bi ads just appeared

Hi, I was in the middle of working on my forum and noticed I had 2 guests, then I noticed there were huge ads popping up at the top of my forum . . . did I get hacked? Help!!

Teach me how to enter the porch appeared to web log

Please teach me create a deck log entry accound / web entry (because it appears the login). so Appear please teach me T_T That Such a link:

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