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Rann's Burn & Turn poker

place for poker players to chat or post anything about poker-will be running some free rolls in the near future

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Orange Poker | Poker | Free Poker | Freerolls | Poker Community

OrangePoker - everything about poker and freerolls. Get free poker money and join our friendly poker community.

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Combat Dice Rolls in HRP?

Should there be dice rolls to decide the fate of a combat-type scenario in the HRP or maybe even others should it catch on? Melee-fights, firefights, flanking opportunities, being spotted, etcetera. I'll leave the poll open until a verdict is decided by

King of the low rolls

Mrs Fortune could you please give me a chance to win more than 3 bets in a row? Tired of this shit always cleaned kthxbai

Tia Devereaux by Katink

Hello! I wasn't really expecting to upload this little tyke, but thanks to Anna and Vero, I'm giving her a little time in the spotlight. Since she is only a toddler, Tia doesn't have much of a background, but she does love to dance and show off. He

Rolls Royce drag car

Supposedly street legal. Pretty mental... 9.6L Twin Turbo V8 >2300BHP More info here Chris (OD)

Reactions to rolls?

Hey guys what are your reactions to what you roll? Here's an example of what mine are. 2 - lol.. 3 - i'll laugh if he rolls a 2 4 - *!newdice* 5 - really... 6 - ffs 6 is my badluck number 7 - LUCKY 7 (I usually win when I roll 7 lol) 8 - I bet

Eldar Autarch and Reserve Rolls

First post on the forum. Been lurking for a while. Looked around and couldn't find the answer to this elsewhere. If I take an Allied Eldar Autarch, will the bonus to reserve rolls granted by Master Strategist benefit the Dark Eldar in my primary

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