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Black Order Headquarters

An Indonesian D. Gray-Man original character (OC) roleplay forum set in an alternate late 19th century

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For a newie. What do those numbers mean on the service record.

My relative, William Holland, joined up in Ashton under Lyne on the 16th July 1877. On 1st March 1879 he was at the Cape of Good Hope and stayed until the 2nd October 1879. He returned Sheffield and was declared unfit for service on 1st April 1881. He was

Monday April 19th 1999

One aspect of Columbine I am interested in is the timeline of events leading up to 4/20. I'm actually surprised sometimes there wasn't more of an investigation into what Eric and Dylan were doing in the weeks and months leading up to the massacre. I still

Recollections of a Life in the British Army During the Latter Half of the 19th Century (1908)

This gives a very good overview of one Man's preparations to go to SA relating to the second invasion. Start page 136. Click Here.

Army wives and children

I found this recently. Can anyone tell me what the wives actually did whilst on active service (apart from the obvious). Where did they live? Surely they didnt traipse around from battle to battle? Lord Chelmsford's General Orders in relation to

Cigarette Lighters

My Old Dad, as always had an interest in vintage cigarette lighters, especially WW1 trench lighters. He has asked me what type of lighters would have been used by those who served in the Zulu War. (That’s if cigarette lighters were around then… Anyone

THE ZULU WAR 19th April – 2nd May 2013

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