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A place to learn about upcoming Group Flights, share Airports and Flight Plans, Post Videos and Pictures, and much more!

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MGUK For enthusiasts of modern and future MG cars.

For enthusiasts of modern and future MG cars. MGUK For enthusiasts of modern and future MG cars.

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Flying with Face Paints

Hey guys, I haven't flown since they used Pterodactyls. What are the regulations in regards to face paint and flying? The lady at the airline told me that that much "make up" wasn't allowed. (20, 18 ml sized cakes) so, How do you all

Bringing spray paint cans (or topcoat cans) to flights

ok, I'm just wondering if based on Singapore's law it is allowed to bring spray paint cans and/or topcoat spray cans, because I might need to take some cans back to my home country after the semester ends (I'm an international student here).. if it's

Continuing flights & videos of the Shoestring

I got some flights with the SS today and got it all on video. The CL circle was not mowed, but I had the whole RC runway to myself and it was neatly manicured. It was nice to have some short green grass to fly over. I'm still having some fuel feed

Shoestring flights - pattern practice... Is Over.

Finally the monsoons have tapered off and the club field at Fort Jackson was mowed.  This week I pre-flighted the Shoestring including putting a new fuel tank on it. John Brodak replaced my other one, saying he had heard of the bubble problem. This one

Here's my new Com-Bat; Test flights-Take 2

Killing time till my Flightstreak gets here tomorrow. This should be a wild little plane. Y'all pick what I should power it with. Here are your choices choices: Black Widow Killer Bee Babe Bee with SPI Bee with gray backplate and SPI Balloon o

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