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Sky Sports: Rodgers raves about Sahin

Sky Sports: Rodgers raves about Sahin 1st Oct 2012 - Transfer Gossip - This story has been reproduced from today's media. It does not necessarily represent the position o

Rodgers is aiming higher than 4th

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers aims for second place finish in Premier League Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has set his sights on second-placed Manchester City. Following their worst start to a campaign in over a century, the Reds now sit just

Brendan Rodgers just rented my car off of me

Funniest thing, I kept telling him I only bought it for 30 grand but he was determined to pay me 50 grand to have it for a week.

USA sprinter Mike Rodgers fails drug test Fourth fastest man fails drug test By Mike Hurst The Daily Telegraph August 15, 2011 THE sprinter ranked No. 2 among those

Brendan Rodgers Liverpool's New Manager?

just heard that Rodgers has been offered the job and has accepted.....

Chris Rodgers wins Camry Invitational at Zhuhai

A good win for Chris Rodgers yesterday in Zhuhai. its not a lot of money and US$45,000 is still a decent cheque for all his efforts.. he is looking rather portly after being home in London for 3 weeks...must be those full english

Has Brendan Rodgers won over The Kop?

Has Brenno won over The Kop, or was it just a respectful recognition of his boldness having our team taking on the Mancs? Midway second half, for the first time at Anfield (can't speak for all the away games) The Kop fans start the

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