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Rockman World

Rockman World is dedicated to Capcom's blue bomber also known as Mega Man. Come join today if you're a fan of any series!

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The Megaman Series

Of all the games two is my favorite, but of all the characters Protoman is my favorite. He is the only character with actual emotion and a deep and touching back story. Fun set of games, what makes them fun was their difficulty modern games have no

Megaman 3 Review

Can you guys read that because i cant. Hey this is zer0 at review zone hd bringing you guys a review for a classic game, megaman 3 that was released in the playstation store not too long ago. I have very fond memories of playing this game when i was young

Return of Rockman (I would like to JOIN!!! ..... (>".)>

Name: Jonathan (First name or at least what we should call you in game) XBL GamerTag/PSN ID: WageQuitWockman (Also place your GameTag/PSNID in the proper place on your profile) Handle: Rockman, Wage, rock (What you prefer to be called online- for

Maverick Hunter Zero Beta 0.5 by MGMNZX

Este es tan solo una beta para que puedan probar el char y vean que se podría mejorar y corregir, en si el char aun no esta completo ya que faltan muchas cosas, pero antes necesito su opinión para mejorar algunas cosas y quede al gusto de todos o de la

Megaman X: Corrupted [25th aniversario fan game]

Esta muy cerca el 25° de Mega Man, y si bien Capcom todavía no da señas de algún juego nuevo, hay fans que están trabajando arduamente para brindarles felicidad a todos los que adoran la serie X. Mega Man X: Corrupted es un proyecto basado en los juegos d

Megaman X Phantom Warrior

Bueno,ahora solo tenemos el nombre y organizacion con los Del Team Bueno Aqui los Miembros: TheSuperVx Cordinador y Creador De Chars y Addons Blaze126 Spriter Profesional SuperOmegak Spriter y Creador de Stages Novato Kratos Buscador De

Strawberry vs. ROCKMAN Z (Winner Strawberry)

This thread is for anyone that would like to challenge me to a race. I would like my races to be at least a little tense, so please don't respond if there is no doubt in your mind that you will win or lose. Still, this is going to be pretty casual, feel

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