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Free forum : Johnny's Roleplay/Cops/Robbers

Free forum : Cops, Robbers RolePlay, RealLife. Free forum : Johnny's Roleplay/Cops/Robbers

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EMR - Gaming

Brand New EMR Cops And Robbers

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CaB_San Andreas's Cops And Robbers-RPG

We Love RP Games They Are The Best I love the cops And Robber Because Is Fun And Real!

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[H] Resistance - Against the Kor'kron and Hellscream

Right, i'l keep this to the point as i'd preffer anything that is planned or done to be kept IC and hidden away too for various reason. I'm organising a Resistance movement from the perspective of the Blademasters, attempting to gain support covertly

Cops & Robbers

COPS & ROBBERS Cops and Robbers will be a unique game hosted by me, Deetster. This game is a hybrid of Pirate Master, Big Brother, Survivor, all rolled into one battle for jewels, power, and most importantly between good and evil, right an

Resistance Hero medal FAQ

Who? The ten fastest clickers are elected to participate in the start of a resistance war (RW). They have a fast internet connection. What? If the RW succeeds, each participant earns five gold and a medal. How? On the "Home" page - The

Best Place(s) to Request PSP Codes? (TempAR, NitePR, CWCheat)

Hey, I've been to a few places to request codes, but none of those places responded. I've been to and PSPISO, yet no answer. I'm only requesting one code, but when I tried to do it myself, it didn't work properly. I'm talking about Quake

Learn how to make NitePR/CWCheats?

Hey is there a good tutorial on how to make cheat codes for PSP? I looked a couple of places, and the ones telling you to download Artmoney are complete shit (to me) and I would like to be able to do all this from the PSP and not have to use a PC or just

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