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Woolly Mammoth Blood Revived Through Bacteria

THE GIST * Woolly mammoth hemoglobin has been brought to life in the laboratory. * Mammoth blood contained special cold adaptations that helped them survive in the Arctic. * The discovery shows a great example of what's called

Skull Zombies

Here is the deck list: Side Deck: Six Unfinished x2 D.D. Crow 2x Night Beam MST EEP Extra Deck: Fifteen Catastor Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius Archfiend Zombie-Skull Revived King Ha Des Evilswarm Ouroboros Gagaga Cowboy Gem-Knight

Warning: stardust revived

At the end phase, if either Stardust/ Assault mode/ or savior dragon revives stardust dragon or assault mode, can Divine warning be used against it? Although from what I know, it is summoned by its effect. Solemn judgement cannot be used ,Oppression is

Judas the Jolteon and Delia the Revived Zoroark [Under, Orre]

.profiletable {float:left;width:535px;background-color:#121212;border:1px dotted #3f3f3f} .profiletable th {padding:10px;background-color:#1a1c1d;vertical-align:middle;font-weight:bold} .profiletable td {padding:5px} Judas (Tai) and Delia Hex Color

REVIVED ARCHETYPE: Harpie Ladies?!?!!?

Hello, everyone at Toon World Academy!!! The holiday season is wrapping up (no pun intended ), but it seems that Konami has given the world a little christmas gift: they revealed new cards for the Harpie Lady archetype!Yes, they are new cards premiering

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