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Free forum : Elysium is a Casual PvE Guild based on the - Blade's Edge Server - EU.

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Elysium of the Wolves RPG

Free forum : Wolf RPG website

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Chair's House on Autodesk Revit

So derping around on autodesk revit I decided I'll make a fairly simple house. This is what I ended up with. This took about 6 hours to make.

Disciplines in Elysium

Hi everybody, this time I have a question. I have found some places in the game where you can use Dementation in dialog even though you are in Elysium. E.g. You can dementate Chunk in the tower foyer. So what I'd like to know is, how are the Elysium rule


El camino es largo, se les pide a la gente que ayuden con poner temas perdidos, etc.

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