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Natural hair regrowth forum. The latest science and news on hair loss and male pattern baldness. How to hair loss and regrow your hair. www. Immortalhair. org

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reversing cigarette damage. Advice needed.

I was an on and off smoker for about the last 3 years until i found this site. Im just wondering what others have used to combat the damage that cigarettes have done to me. Ive obviouslly quit now. I still smoke a little weed but try to smoke it green

Longhorns/Horse Butte Ranch

[img][url=] This thread shall be devoted to the use of Longhorn cattle in crossbreeding schemes with the attempt to reflect a futuristic view of cattle breeding from outside the registered


I saw myself in the driver seat of a car and then saw the car reversing backwards at great speed. I remember feeling fearful that the car would end up crashing into something behind me. A good male friend I know the started to run after the car to try

Halting / reversing gray hair

I was 30 when I first noticed the odd grey hair which has progressed until I have a fair few now at 36. I'm hardly salt and peppered and I dare most wouldnt notice but I've had my hair cut shorter and it's scary at how many there are there now.There no

Black Pastor Receives Death Threats For Reversing Support For Obama

One Sacramento pastor, whose congregation has thousands of members, voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but won't be doing the same in 2012. 20,000

Cinnamon supplements for reversing diabetes type 2

Hi guys, I heard that cinnamon is very effective for the treatment of diabetes. Anyone heard of people getting cured with this? Also, if someone is already taking metformin, can they be combined at the same time? Does anyone know if metformin usage can

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