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Heater core flow restrictor alternative?

So I picked up my new-to-me FWB on Monday (LOVE it!), drove 6 miles, and the heater hose flow restrictor exploded when I punched it in L1 @ ~15mph...  It sure went good, though! Chirped the tires pretty good and I was happy until I saw a ton of steam

FS: Jango Fett Cheap Sale Galore

Clearing my Jango Fett items... Jango Fett Deluxe Bootleg $10 (inclusive shipping) MISB Hallmark Jango Fett $20 (inclusive shipping) Jango Fett lot 1 - $15 (inclusive shipping) Lollipop cover head, Pepsi head cap, Cereal

Meet Boba Fett - original footage of the prototype white Fett costume

Thought I'd post this up for those who haven't seen this short film about the original prototype Fett costume. Was the first time I'd seen this today too great how they show all the functions and LOL at the beach towel. Alternative link:

Lego Jango Fett Slave 1 set 7153

Hi, This is a complete Jango Fett Slave 1, has instructions, box and all pieces including both minifigs. These have gone for £90 on Ebay and as you're all decent chaps on here I was thinking of letting someone on here have it for £75 before I put

Did a real Rocket Firing Fett just get sold on ebay?

The auction had 20+ hours on it, no bids with a starting bid of $90 and when I looked again it was ended at $150. huh? The listing didn't mention the Fett at all and man, it was hard to see if just browsing listings. It seemed to want to

Hutt Hunter's Boba Fett versions

Here they go: blackbelt Taiwan Fett dark T visor Kong Fett glossy helmet Kong Fett Fett with grey limbs and a Fett with very dark paint (Hong Kong variants) Fett Hong Kong with brown chest armor Kong Fett mixed

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