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UK Restaurant Forum

A Forum for restaurant lovers to review and talk about different restaurants.

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Cook your way up to the top in this revolutionary cooking game!

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Le Fleur De Lis Chicago

The newest and best Creole restaurant in Chicago.

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'Be Our Guest Restaurant' testing new advance online ordering for lunch

Fantasyland's new 'Be Our Guest Restaurant' is already on the leading edge of restaurant technology and it looks like things are about to go a step further. Starting this month, selected guests are going to be given the chance to choose an arrival time

Cala Bona, Asia restaurant

We ate in a restaurant called ‘Asia’, it’s location is in the main road of Cala Bona. There was 4 of us. I spotted another one in Cala Millor, so I assume it’s a chain of restaurants. I didn’t get a photo of the outside, as it’s set back from the

Important information about 'Be Our Guest Restaurant' reservations

The scramble to secure reservations for 'Be Our Guest Restaurant' has been in full force since 7am this morning. As with other popular dining options, Disney is requiring a credit card guarantee for each reservation. There has been some issues with

Jambu Restaurant Scorpion Display

Hey guys and gals, it's been awhile since I had posted anything. Well recently the owners of Jambu restaurant pitched an idea for a Scorpion Tank for their Helloween Party so I thought it might be fun project to take on This is the tank before the


Summer work. Staff needed. Restaurant Supervisor with experience of managing busy terrace etc. Chefs/cooks needed for busy Restaurants. Bar and waiting staff with good experience in Restaurants. Bar/cocktails people needed to work and run themed night bar

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