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MuOnline Season5 For Real Players

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The Soviet Union TODAY

For high - resolution imagery of current events that are too large for Facebook.

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HTML problem, on every monitor resolution diferent

So I wanted to make a site on my forum, something like a new section on the forum, but something went wrong. So my resolution is 1280x1024 but if i set it to 1024x768 or any else resoltion then I see the site about 200px to the right, better to say just

Difrent resolution difrent size

I set my Pages Forum width in 80%. He locks nice in 1024x.. resolution, but when i see him with 1440x... resolution frames go out from normal What code i need to fix that problem ?

How to scale Background Image per user resolution!?

Hi, I'm looking for a CSS code to force the Background Image to scale with the users resolution, for multiple sizes. The background image I'm using now is 1920*1080, which I had to increase from 1600*1200, which is my resolution, because several frequent

Banner-auto resolution resize?

Is there a way to set the site banner to auto resize depending on the resolution someone is using? Because I use 1680 by 1050, but a lot of people on my site only use 1024x768, or other sizes. Basically I set my banner width to 1024, which looks

Resolution Problem - Forum Background

Hi all; If someone can help me out with this, that would be great. There seems to be a resolution problem with the forum's background. Some members view the forum as this Picture 1 Others see it as this Picture 2 NOTE: The second picture was

Getting an image to fit any resolution

I have a question as to how you get an image to fit on any computer resolution. In the header of my forum, the logo bg looks good at the standard resolution - PC etc. But when I go to the laptop or another computer where the screen properties are little

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