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Resident Evil role play

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Resident Evil 6

So i got Resident Evil 6 the day it came out and I love it, I know people complain that it's too different from the earlier resident evils but I like the changes cos then I'm not playing the same game with different story.I've gotten through Leon's

Original Alone In the Dark Trilogy VS Resident Evil

Original Alone in the Dark Trilogy VS Resident Evil? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alright, I am sick of everyone thinking ''Survival Horror'' (The game type and the phrase'') started with Resident

Resident Evil: Revelations- First Thoughts

So skipping through what it took me to get both the game and pre-order bonus today I will say this, the pre-order case was worth it. It's just a plastic slip over case but the Holographic RE:Rev design on the front is well done and looks really good.

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