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Resident Evil Forums

Resident Evil Forums

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Non Resident UiTM Forum

open for Non Resident UiTM student only

#resident, uitm, forum, open, student, only

Resident Evil Corporate Battles 3

The third Resident Evil based RPG forum in the series of RECB. Now on a new forum. Takes place during the events of RE6.

#resident, evil, corporate, battles, third, based, forum, series, recb, takes, place, during, events

The Umbrella Files

Resident Evil role play

umbrella, files, #resident, evil, role, play

Forum for Psychiatry Residents, Fellows and Physicians

The main purpose of this forum is to offer a comprehensive source of information & keep you updated on the all aspects of Psychiatry. Do check back often for recent psychiatry updates.

fellowship, psychiatry, #resident, usmle, research, forum, offer, comprehensive, source, information, residents, check, back, often, prite, psychotherapy, psychology, psychopharm

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Original Alone In the Dark Trilogy VS Resident Evil

Original Alone in the Dark Trilogy VS Resident Evil? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alright, I am sick of everyone thinking ''Survival Horror'' (The game type and the phrase'') started with Resident

Resident Evil: Revelations- First Thoughts

So skipping through what it took me to get both the game and pre-order bonus today I will say this, the pre-order case was worth it. It's just a plastic slip over case but the Holographic RE:Rev design on the front is well done and looks really good.

Resident Evil 6

So i got Resident Evil 6 the day it came out and I love it, I know people complain that it's too different from the earlier resident evils but I like the changes cos then I'm not playing the same game with different story.I've gotten through Leon's

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