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Resident Evil Revelations Demo

Yesterday was a big day for the RE franchise. For those of you who played through the demo, I was wondering what you thought of it.

Resident Evil Cam Swap

Each time the object collides with player it swaps(enables and disables) the two cameras.Attach this script to an empty game object, It's a simple script.Code:#pragma strictvar cam1 : Camera;var cam2 : Camera;private var walkedIn

Resident Evil [2002] DvdRip 300mb


Resident Evil 6

So i got Resident Evil 6 the day it came out and I love it, I know people complain that it's too different from the earlier resident evils but I like the changes cos then I'm not playing the same game with different story.I've gotten through Leon's

Resident Evil 3.5 Fog Edition (Non-Profit Fan Made Mod Made w/ UDK)

It's a pretty cool project, I found this and thought this would be a treat to share with you guys.  Good luck Team Genetics, I hope to play this.  Although, as far as I know they're taking a break on the project to do something

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