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Signature requested

Overall green tone. The planet Jupiter dead center. Mostly in silhouette, with only the lower portion showing it's true colors in a crescent shape. The shadowed part has the glowing Jupiter Planet symbol. And "Jupiter Jovian" in glowing green on the lower

Slough v MERTHYR

Updates here (I hope!)

Spectrum advice requested please...

Hi gents, My current fav to play Mat at the moment is my Concord III, great neck and feel to it.I have been offered a Spectrum ST but having never played any Spectrum I just wondered if any of you guys were lucky enough to own both and were able to

Trafalgar Law With Monkey D Luffy, Requested | Animelover123

Requested By AnimeLover123"Trafalgar Law with Luffy | Posted , 04/27/2013 |"Direct Link :

Advice requested please

I have bought some frozen mini potato burekas and the instructions say to cook in a regular oven at 200°C for 25+ minutes.My little HO is a 3.5litre one so I am sure that 200° will be too high.Can anyone please give me advice about this?Thank

SP14 - Tips and Tricks requested

Hello fellow tube lovers,I am about to start putting an SP14 kit together. Are there any tips and tricks that you are willing to share? Any pitfalls? I am more or less a newbie in the field and do not have any engineering background either. I am

Semi-Requested Topic Lots of pics!

Sorry it's long and image intensive but I wanted to paint a whole picture of what someone with a little too much time and not the right tools can do to anotherwise priceless guitar. Anyways, I'm a massive explorer body style fan because they sit well,

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