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Chess2U is a place to discuss and share anything related to Computer Chess! So you will need Chess2U to keep up with Chess progress!

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Chess2U: Opening Books Collection!

Chess2U: Opening Books Collection! No discussions, only links

Chess Openings Book (90 million games!)

Chess2U-Book Tournament II 2012 ( Abk books )

Chess2U-Book Tournament II 2012 ( Abk books ) We want to announce a Book Tournament. All are welcome to attend this Book Tournament. Please send me Private Massage with link or post it here.. I will also include public books in this tour, so any

WSCE Season 4 - World's Strongest FREE Engines

Details can be seen on (Forgive my's my first day) Lineup/Conditions will also be posted here before the start of the tournament. PLEASE ask any questions you might have. Feedback is key to

Chess2U-Book Tournament 1

Participants: Atlantis7.7 by Gammer DON Book by Vasid Couhan Sambuca8 by Kenny Estevens WeakPanda(update)by fionbo StormVI by Nikita Guskov Katapult1.2 by Anksh Snake Poison by Brillance Sicario2 by eddy Processor:Intel Core i7 980X Operatin

Monks 1.4.ctg (Chess2U Private)

Hello Everyone! I am glad to announce that Monks 1.4 is ready to launch.   Monks 1.4.ctg -Monks 1.4 contains 9,057,008 different and strong positions exactly -Focuses on B90, multiple various openings -Unlike the previous versions of the books in

Chess2U-Opening Book Fight

Always incur Discussions: Wich Time Factor is better for the test of Opening Books? Many wonder: I'm testing with 3 +0min ? or better I`m testing with 3+1min or more times ? It happens very often,at different time factor,we get different Results

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