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Post Nasal Drip - Symptoms and Remedies

Welcome to the first ever discussion forum dedicated entirely to providing you a healthy approach to the treatment of post nasal drip. Our team of committed Admins who have all had post nasal drip at

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remedies coriander/yellow dock?

Another alternative is chelation therapy using chemicals like EDTA which has been available in Canada for several years and has been used to help remove these heavy metals. However, the more natural way would be to use herbal remedies coriander/yellow doc

Remedies for hairloss- Ted from Bangkok

I was searching 'topical iodine for hair loss' and came across this info posted on Earthlink by Ted from Bangkok, Thailand. It's a good read on many different remedies for hair loss, heavy metals, iodine, parasites, fungus, iodine, ACV, taurine,

The Bach Flower Remedies

Do any of you use these and the rescue remedy?

Stuffy head sore throat remedies?

Hey guys, I've been battling a cold here that just seems to not want to go away. I thought I beat it and it came back Friday night. My sinuses are blocked (even my ears) and I have a pretty chronic sore throat unless I'm drinking liquids which make

PRACTICAL-REMEDIES-IN-PALMISTRY-AS-SHOWN-BY-THE-SAGES-OF-INDIA The sages of our land positioned their fingers in certain positions and the messageis sent to us from the statues of JainTirthankaras and Lord Buddha. The

Off topic - throat inflammation + allergies natural remedies instead of steroids

My throat is completely inflamed at the moment as a result of my terrible allergies. These are brand new allergies to me. My uvula and throat is just swollen for the past 1.5 weeks. I finally went to the doc today only to be prescribed the medrol dose pac

Herbal Natural Remedies,Herbs Solutions by Nature

Herbs-Solutions-By-Nature is an online store under operation since 8 years. This is a company which manufactures herbal tablets to cure the most rigid diseases in humans. It specializes in producing the best ever herbal formulas which have no side effects

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