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Reload--->Dumb Blonde joke for Clarencekim

A guy finally gets a date with an easy blonde. To prepare for the date he sunbathes in the nude on his roof, falls asleep and burns his manhood. He doesn't want to cancel so he slathers it with lotion and wraps it in gauze. The blonde shows up at his

Beginner reloading

Thinking of reloading my own ammo, mainly 45 colt and 308. I have about 4hrs of experience with reloading and don't know where to start. As with all things I suspect there is different brand loyalties. If I have to buy equipment I want to purchase long

Emoticons intermittent

Noticed over last few weeks select an emoticon and then preview the post and frustratling the emoticon disappears - perhaps delete your emoticon pack and reload.

Neighbors, Gifts and Refresh

I am a bit confused about this. If I add a friend the count down to refresh starts over? What does this refresh do? Also, the gifting is strictly one item to one neighbor a day, is this correct? Or it depends on your level?

Where is the Gold!

I have been detecting in and around Dunolly and Moliagul for over 12 months. The two nuggets I have found would get me no more than a slab of beer. Things are pitiful when you dig thirty plus targets in three hours and not one being gold. Once again do

Server connection error. Please reload the page...

Hello. I started playing yesterday. Level 5. Today each time I go to the game, I get "Server connection error. Please reload the page...". On 2 different computers and different websearch engines. WDF. Heeeeelp !!!  

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