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Free forum : Requiem for Regina

Free forum : Online Forum for Requiem for Regina, a Vampire: the Requiem Live Action roleplaying game set in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Regina Psychic Society

An online connection to enhance and understand the complexities of the psychic arts.

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Regina + Iso + Kat = Atomic Disaster

Grace leaned back in her chair. "I sent word to your parents. They all should be here any moment. You should know that curses are not tolerated here. You could be sent to Altair's Ward or Azkaban!" She shook her head. "You'd better count your lucky

John Edward McLoughun.

439. JOHN EDWARD MCLOUGHUN, Feloniously marrying Regina Adda during the lifetime of his wife. MR. HORACE AVORY Prosecuted, and MR. LEONARD Defended. ANN JANE HART . I am the wife of James Hart, schoolmaster, of St. Mary's School, Scotch Parade, Athlone—

Puzzle Box: Greed

Reserved for guild card.

Seik's Bank

WEAPON Name: Seikai blade Type: Blade Description: Seikai blade possesses a long, curved blade, which is light-coloured on the edges and dark on the rest, and which protrudes on both sides near its top, and has a large, light symbol carved near its

Greed Diskin [Ready For Approval]

Persona Name: Greed Diskin Gender: Male Age: 21 Birthday: 24th December X810 Sexuality: Heterosexual Special Characteristics: N/A Personality: Greed lives up to his name, he wants power, jewels, women, everything he is able to wrap his hands

Victoria Regina Officers Button.

1850's-1880's Victoria Regina Officers Button(Infantry)This button would be during the British Zulu War Period 1870's onward.Worn by Rank of Brigadiers & Colonels.Found in the bushes at SweetWaters in Pietermaritzburg.This was a favourite hunting

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