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Free forum : Spreading Darkness

Free forum : Just a forum I made to entertain my friends and I.

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Behind The Lies

Behind the Lies is a forum aimed at spreading the truth about real events that affect YOU. It't time to wake up and see the world around us.

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Welcome To : ITWORLD

Assalamualaikum: Welcome to ITWORLD educational website of Pakistan. This website is unique as it focuses mainly on spreading IT education in Urdu and english language. Our team believes

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Internet Strangling Craze Spreading In UK' - children strangling themselves online...

'Internet Strangling Craze Spreading In UK' 4:35pm UK, Wednesday January 06, 2010 Roddy Mansfield, Sky News Online Children are 'strangling' themselves to get high then sharing the videos on the internet, campaign groups have warned.

English spreading rapidly throughout Uttar Pradesh. Employers prefer UPites to other NIs because they do not have accent problems

Even as Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav called for a ban on MPs speaking English in Parliament, stating that countries which use their mother tongue are more developed, the popularity of adult English language classes has been rapidly expanding

Stop spreading superstitious reasons for Uttarakhand floods

Christians Spreading Intolerance: Pastor Donny Reagan rails against interracial marriage in viral sermon

Donny Reagan runs the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tennessee. This weekend, he was marked as “the most racist pastor in America” for the video sermon shown below. But Reagan’s teaching is serious business, and it can teach the

We need help spreading the word...

Hey Everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this message, I sent a message off to the administrator but haven't heard back yet... Yep, Newbie here! But I have a project I am working on that could use your help. I recently came across your

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