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Phoenix Kayak Club Forum

The Phoenix Kayak Club is based on the River Lee and is open to members of all ages and abilities.

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Honda Reflex Headlight Power Connector

A great little devise when you decide the time has come to add a power outlet for a GPS, Cellphone, or iPad to your Reflex Scooter. Just plug it in between the two Honda front fairing connector halves. Honda Reflex Headlight Power Connector Provides

Video: Playboating the Ogden Narrows at 606 CFS

This is a video from May 16th. I decided to run it in my playboat giving the run some much needed extra spice.


Hi all, I was wondering if I could get a go in some playboats before December!I am getting one then so I want to paddle as many as I can before then.If anybody would have the time and could give me a go in one it would be brill! Thanks, Joe

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