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Varrio Redlands

The arrests earlier this month of four young men who are suspected in last year's double homicide in North Redlands brought a sense of relief to residents who hoped police would solve the shooting deaths of Quinn McCaleb and Andrew Jackson. But they wer

Lil-E from Varrio Redlands

this dude got redlands and has V and RS tattooed on him never heard of him tho n ppl been hitting up his comments sayin "free lil-e" so i think this dude got picked up in that raid someone on here was talking

Short but interesting article on Poltergeists

Redlands shooting

These kids got shot on Post street. Says black and mexican gangs are going at it. Didn't some dude on here come on claiming Redlands Post street? REDLANDS: Hunt on for suspect in teens' killing <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

Energy transference (AKA poltergeists) and grounding techniques

Poltergeist activity almost always initially gets blamed on a 'ghost' haunting a home. It is not someone who is dead and buried. Poltergeists occur when someone living in the home who is a clairvoyant with energy that is not being released in a healthy,

Varrio Redlands Hood?

Redlands police are looking for a shooter who opened fire on a man riding a bike Saturday. The 36-year-old victim was riding east on Brockton Avenue near Lombard Street when he was struck by gunfire, police said. Officers came to the scene at 5:20

Southside Redlands???

Read the third paragragh, it's not really proof that there is a SSR but it does make you wonder. This was a real good read by the way, it gives a good backround on Varrio Pecan St. Fisher said he was friends with members of "Sex Cash" an

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