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Ohbehave's Be-A-Colorist #2 Recolors

Included are: Recolors of Exotic Elements Traditional Livingroom; 2 walls and 1 floor; Recolor of 3k Sims Clip Curtains; and 3 recolors of Sims2Play Painting 14. Meshes are not included so please grab them here,here, and

2 Recolors of Ermelind's Kerzen u. Pötte-Mesh (Patchworksims)

2 Recolors of Ermelind's lovely Kerzen und Pötte-Mesh (Patchworksims) A huge Thanks to Ermelind for this gorgeous mesh!! Credit to Ermelind-Patchworksims Please visit her website to take a look on all the other gorgeous creations AND to

Why all the hate against recolors?

I mean, I have heard a lot of junk about how recolors aren't art, and how only original works are art, and stuff, but, why? I mean, yes, it is sort of plagiarism, but we aren't saying we made the base, that's my it's called a recolor. As much as I hate

All (fine, maybe some) of my recolors in the past

Sooo... I'm bored so I'm gonna show you most of my recolors. Most. Not all xD I'll put them from newest to oldest. (open the spoiler to see it) Spoiler:  I did this in the car, i know it sucks xD Its an old pic, but i just recolored

All my Recolors/Edits

Hi I make recolors(edits too.) so Im gonna post them.... also because i have nothing else to do o-o. (free for usage just credit me ) ...Epic.

Fantage OHSHC recolors!

First of all OHSHC mean ouran high school host club and yes thats an anime.I did Haruhi in her girl school uniform because that would be easier. Well here they are!

More Holy Simoly's Sendai Recolors by Lina *added 19th Sept*

Recolors of Holy Simoly's Sendai Painting - recolored by Linacherie Mesh is not included

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