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Virginia's forum for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. Join today to help a fellow hobbyist or look for help. Classifieds available.

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Hatari Invertebrates Review

Just got 7 of these today! Beautiful looking species, but not for the inexperienced, as I've heard they pack quite a punch. Barney was great to work with. They were packaged very well...styrofoam box and heat pad. Shipping took an extra day due to a

Exotic Pet Keeping - Invertebrates - Noob Edition

Good Day mga idol! kaka start ko lang sa mga inverts last month, eto ang current line-up ko, noobie set-up pa lang. looking forward for future purchases, nakaka-adik eh. ehehe... -Brachypelma Boehmei- -Sling- Acquired: June 12, 2011 Molted: July

Photos from POLYPED - invertebrates breeding company, arachnids, insects, myriapods,landsnails

Hello anybody, we keep and breed tarrariums invertebrates sinc more than 30 years. POLYPED (formerly my_insects_empire) exist since 1992, We have more than 280 species, many of them in breed. the

Hatari Invertebrates

Great selection of Southwest USA arachnids, invertebrates and other bugs. Quick response to emails, and phone messages. Quick shipping. I ordered 2 Desert Hairy Scorpions, 2 Dune Scorpions and 2 Mastigoproctus giganteus, they shipped the next day via UPS

Madison, VA

hello! my name is Ian Jones and i own an indoor/outdoor painting business in central virginia, and i have been an aquarium enthusiast for most of my life. i just bought a 75gal a little over a month ago, and instead of keeping a regular fish tank, i am

Yorkshire Invertebrate Show ( UK )

March 10th will be the first annual Yorkshire Invertebrate Show. Being held in Horsforth, Leeds, the show promises to be the best show in The North for invertebrate keepers. Come along for a great day out.

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