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Lt. F. Godwin-Austen

Recent photo of Lt. F. Godwin-Austen memorial window at Shalford Church near Guildford (KIA Isandlwana). Photo By Tim Needham.

OR patrol jackets

I have this description of a patrol jacket but I think it is what officers wore. What I need is a description of what OR wore. Help, anyone? blue patrol jackets, edged all round with black mohair braid. Across the front were four rows of flat, black

Bravery at Isandlwana by British troops

For me Durnford was the hero of the battle but their were many others aswell Younghusband for his charge down to the Nek CS Wolfe and his men for their reargaurd action. Dr sheperd for stopping to help a man even though the camp was in Zulu

British Forts Zulu war

Hi all. There seems to have been a lot of fort's build by the British during the Zulu War, How many were there exactly. For instance there is Fort Ekowe ,Fort Newdigate, Fort Helpmakaar. Were they spead across the country or were they with-in

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