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Millberry Fun : A place for Millsberry Fun

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Free forum : Awesome and fun. Free forum : Millsberry Star Club

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ravagers shooting at flyers

Interesting discussion going on over at ytth regarding Ravagers "aerial assault" rule. Does the Ravagers' "aerial assault" rule, DE Codex, supersede the "hard to hit" rule, BRB?


DO you play it? I did, but it made my computer crash. So I stopped. Bad news was I has 99,999,999,999 Millsbucks!

Vehicle discussion (Venoms, Raiders, Ravagers, Flyers)

in 6. Ed. glancing vehicles to wreck is a viable option against our AV10-vehicles. How should we counter that? I think, I will keep my Blaster-Warrior-Venom-Squads a little bit behind to fire my SC every turn. Raiders will rush my Wyches or

Tharn Ravagers opinions

I seem to like these guys, and I actually just got a unit of them off eBay (couldn't pass up 50% off!!!). I've read on the Privateer Press forum that most people seem to prefer the Druids of Orboros. Anybody played against the Ravagers? I did get the

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