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Trade Federation : uni 35

Open to all alliances willing to trade Deuterium in universe 35.

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Fun Factory

It's a fun factory. Come here and stick with your friends for fun

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How do people get insane goal:game ratios?

I'm trying to get a good one with TOTS Henry but I'm finding that people just rage quit most games. It seems like if I'm winning 2-0 (goal from Henry and Ibra for example), then they'll just quit. Then there's the guys who leave instantly or

500 gearbox ratio

I would like to know if it is possible to change the gearbox ratios in the 500, and possibly how to do it, thanks

Professor Zabbey's Guide to B Class Tuning

Zabbey's Guide to B Class Introduction This guide is intended to provide my insight towards tuning for B Class public lobbies and sometimes race serieses here on OZFM. Please note that this guide contains my own personal preferences towards upgrades

V8 Supercar Tuning

Hey All Please forgive me for the following long winded post but havent slept yet from a party last night and hoping on some kind soul replying today so I can try things etc. Was wondering if anyone would be kinda enough to help me out when it comes to

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