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Sliders - Timer Replica's

Forum's for the sci-fi show Sliders, looking at the details of the infamous Sliders Timer Prop's.

#sliders, #timer, #replica, #xslider13, #prop

Micro Van Owners

Daihatsu Hijet forum, Suzuki Carry, Bedford Rascal, Kai.

#micro, #owners, #hijet, #daihatsu, #forum, #suzuki, #carry, #super, #rascal, #bedford, #vauxhall, #vans, #trucks, #small

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Cheap Sliders!

Just got an email from Eli over at Camel 4x4 they are running 10% off for the month of December. that means you can't buy anything until tomorrow! use the code 'HOLIDAY' when checking out. they have some cool armor products from Asfir which is an

Sliders for NCAA 13

Anyone have any good suggestions for slider settings that they prefer to use of NCAA 13? Anyone create any sliders just based on Luv's rosters? Also substitution settings would be good as well, to utilize how detailed Luv's rosters are. Post what works

rascal's random minis thread

hi y'all, had this skaven lying around half painted for ages, and finally finished him he's real old school, but I think he might make a nice leader next is the kinda elven pit fighteresque female that was posted unpainted in the female

1/2a rc planes

Hey all, I've been wanting to build or get a 1/2a rc plane for a while. I have been looking at the Black Hawk models pippin, the sig rascal and the norvel tutor, which one of these is the easiest to build? do you guys know of any other good ones? I'm

Sliders Scifi tv series

SCIFI/fantasy show, lasted 5 seasons between 1995-2000. About a group of travelers jumpin between parallel earths searching for their world. Was any one here a fan of the show? It was one of my fav series during the 90s. It was a cool concept and had

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