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All Girls are just worthless Fucktoys

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Rape victem and a cop. what could happen? (*Scarlet* and courtney)

a girl who is a rape victem. a cop young cop wants to help her because he thinks shes too beautiful to have even been raped. her rapists are her father and oldest brother. their in jail now. the dad and the bro have been in jail for 6 monthes. shes moved

Breaking it down!

A one Reginald FUCKINGAMAZING Merrywether makes his way down a street, the exams contestant having had his fill of the noodle shop. He notices some odd glances from a few people everynow and then unknowing of why. Maybe it was the conversation he was

Help me, please (Mature: contains mentioning of rape, so read with caution) Private CLOSED

The city of Las Vegas was alive around Oren. It's people were doing all sorts of loud and wild things, but all he could hear was the sound of silence. His body was aching from pain, and he could feel blood run down his legs. Oren was still reeling from

Lillica Dontango (GORE, Small reference to rape: If you are sensitive of this stuff don't read)

Name: Lollica Dontango Gender: Girl Age: looks 11, actually 136 Species: Vampire Appearance: Lillica is 5’2 in size, she has very pale white skin and blue eyes, her hair is white and always well done. She wears a large pale blue, frilly dress

My one and only all original Naruto OC

Name: Kousuke “K” Kodai Gender: Male Age: 21 Element: Raiton (lightning) Rank: S (special squad, Kinkaku Force captain) Loyalties: To The Cloud village, The Raikage, and Kinkaku Force Appearance: The strangest thing about K is his metallic

Naruto RPG

So! I think it would be real fricken awesome if we started a Naruto RPG I've only finished the first season so far, but I'm still watching it and I know some other members *cough cough* writing *cough cough* have probably seen every fricken episode of

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