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Rape and a wedding

I had a really disturbing dream: I was at this upscale hotel.... at first I thought it was the Peabody, but than it looked like something else... I was walking down this hallway, two guys came out of nowhere and attacked me. I ended up getting raped, My

Gang rape dream

Hi All,I would appreciate it if anyone could please interpret the following dream. Thanks.I saw a man murder his wife in their bedroom/house, and I saw him coming out of the house where his wife was murdered. He came out holding a small drug

Rape Dream

There was an afternoon church service (at my previous church), and a Caucasian man with a beard & mustache, a potbelly, wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of pants beige with red suspenders was there. He made me feel uncomfortable but I continued on in

rape dreams, could anyone help explain these dreams to me

Since of January (last month) I have had some pretty strange dreams about my Sr. pastor's son, And I'm trying to figure out why.1st Dream: It was my sweet 16 birthday party (my birthday is coming up pretty soon) and my mom handed me this gift, it was

The best anti-rape advice EVER!

My aunt was raped and strangled when I was 8. She was 17. Since then I've thought often about what I would ever do if I was ever acccousted. The answer that's always come to my mind is the answer that came from the bible, CRY OUT!This message confirms

Attempted rape in a dream?

I had a dream last night, I was lying in my room in the home where I grew up, I believe I was on the top bunk of a double decker bed. Suddenly I turned in my sleep and there was this man that I didn't know, trying to sleep with me. It felt SO real, it was

The arrest of those involved rape refugee Syria in Erbil

The arrest of those involved rape refugee Syria in Erbil- January 10, 2014Erbil - Fred HassanArrested by the Directorate of the brave in the province of Erbil six people raped refugee Syria in the province said in a statement yesterday that th

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