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I'm New, and needs uber help with my makeup?

Hi, My name is Danielle I'm African American, but really is in love with the Gyaru look((:and Japan in general hope thats okayyy..... But I need help? As u can see in my pic over there.....idk what to use for makeup right now >.<!! can u


Hihi~~ Some of you may know I made a trip to NYC mainly for make/mag/clothing shopping.. I just wanted to share with you some pages from the following magazines~ AGEHA:Click Here EGG:Click Here POPTEEN:Click Here RANZUKI:Click Here VIVI:Click

Happie Nuts Hair?

Hello fellow Gyarus! I had a question that's been bugging me for so long. I've looked at alot of different kinds of Gyaru magazines and my favorite magazine is Happie Nuts. I use to get Popteen and Ranzuki but I like the more mature Happie Nuts and

[3D- Origami]Block Folding 3D - Mod Chino SEIBIDO MOOK

Please please send me the link. Thanks a lot my dear friend Morteza.Farshadi @

Makeup Critique Please~ :3

Its been so long since I posted here. D:! I've been doing ulzzang as of late. However, I'm going back to gyaru. I've gotten quite rusty. So any tips will help~ Thank you~ :3

<3 Hello all you lovely GALS!

Hi, hi everyone, I'm Abbie I'm from Southern California and it's nice to meet you all! I'm really glad I found this fourm~! Hmm, I'm a beginner Gyaru, started actively dressing since the summer of this year, but I've been interested in Gyaru for a really

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