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Shaantanu and Khanak

Welcome! This is a board dedicated to Rang Badalti Odhani's Shaantanu & Khanak and the actors responsibel for the breathing magic in to these characters, Karan Tacker and Yashashri Masurkar. Have any questions contact the Administrator. Hope you enjo

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IG incredible range.

So Im suspicious about my oppenents that are IG. I many of them have range 78 inch fireing arch that Im wondering if that stuff is apocolypes gear or is it just standard codex. Do they really have enormous range like that? I dont remember what vehicles

Tony Martin

Voice type: TenorVocal range: F♯2-G5Significant high notes: G5 - "Headless Cross"F♯5 - "Devil and Daughter"F5 - "Carrie", "Anno Mundi"E5 - "Cloak and Dagger", "Kill In The Spirit

My rank got reset

I hate this game

Greg Puciato

Current status: READY FOR REVIEWGreg Puciato:Voice Type: High BaritoneSung Range: C2-G5Modal Range: E2-E♭5Total Range: F1-B♭5Significant High Notes:B♭5 ("Crossburner", "Gold Teeth On A Bum" BBC Session,

J.D. Sumner

Voice type: BassSung range: G0-C♯4Total range: G0-F4Significant high notes:F4 ("In That Land")C♯4 ("When I Travel My Last Mile", "Old Man River")Significant low notes:G0 (Live improv 1977 Elvis

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