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Popovy Doll Society

The Official Fan Forum for Popovy Dolls by Elena & Ekaterina Popova

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DN Netizens

Netizens Guild of Dragon Nest

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Elena Gilbert

For appreciation of Elena.

Randy Hesson Recording Session Videos!

For any special features junkies, I've just added a two-part video to our collection of audio drama production videos at: The latest two-parter (Randy Hesson Recording Session, Part 1 and 2) focuses on how I work

STEFAN & ELENA Relationship discussion

For discussion regarding this pairing.

Randy's Blue/Yellow Cox PT-19 1980's

I finally got it all cleaned up. I'll probably run it a little later today. Here is a before pic that I showed you guys over a year ago from: /t473p80-still-runs-after-25-years

Elena Renker

Elena has been winning heaps of awards in the last few years with her shino glazed tea bowls and containers. Here is an earthenware teabowl with a magnificent black glaze with lovely white brushwork... Oh no her mark came out blurry - I will have to

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