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gathering of legendary great men.

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Racks & Beards

Your online destination for discussing Whitetail Deer & Wild Turkey hunting across the United States.

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A couple chest racks - MayFlower & Eagle Rhodesian

Picked these up this week.... What model is the Mayflower? MZ

Splinter Racks and related questions

A couple of related questions: 1) What are peoples' opinions on Splinter Racks? I've been taking them, but I find my raiders rarely survive long enough to allow their occupants to make use of the racks for more than 1 turn of shooting (if that). Has

Are Splinter Racks Twin linked or not?

So now that we can move and shoot from our gunboats, I've been toying with splinter racks. I like many have always assumed they are twinlinked; that is to say reroll your misses. However in reading the description of both the twin linked USR and splinter

Splinter racks

When I first saw splinter racks, it was love at first sight. Twin-linking a squad's guns? Why would you not? Recently, though, I've become less enthusiastic about them. I simply don't find myself in situations where I want my raiders to move 6" or

Splinter Racks, dubious hidden mobility upgrade?!

Now stick with me for a second, I may be reading this wrong and please feel free to mock me if I am. The idea is only situational at best anyway. Moving 12" in a skimmer means the passengers may only snapfire. 6's to hit. Chuck in splinter Racks,

What/Where: Grisly Trophy & Splinter Racks (Vehicle Upgrade), Lance (Weapon Descriptor/Rule)

Grisly Trophy & Splinter Racks (Vehicle Upgrade), Lance (Weapon Descriptor/Rule) I've read through the Dark Eldar Codex and I can't find a description for these rules/upgrades. I've read through the Big Rule Book (6th edition) and I probably misse

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