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DIY hifi rack

Anybody here tried building their own hifi rack? Care to share? Regards to share, my 'masterpiece'- 2 mdf, 4 long screws & 16 nuts & washers

Voyager rack

For sale up my way, seems like a great price, I may buy it, not sure yet. Anybody else want it?

Boeing Dreamlifter

Apparently this thing delivers aircraft parts for Boeing. Or so I'm told anyway. It's ugly, but unique. It passed by me this morning so I snapped a pic for you guys. Ron


Part #'s 19172091 19158717 17802990 Fits 2007 to current Sierra's and Silverado's. All hardware included. Removed from a "trade-in" Gm retail is $1248.00 looking for $500.00

Charity vs. Safety

This weekend I heard a sermon on the theme that all people are welcome at the table of the Lord and that we humans shouldn't presume to deny anyone access based on our own judgement. Which is good and true as far as it goes, but the speaker took it

High rack and cooking times

Hi all, as of yesterday I am a HO owner (12 Ltr size ). Got it from Dyas at half price so not too much of a gamble. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a high rack so question number 1 is how high is a high rack? Also Much of the publicity for these

Who care for the invert tapering ?

Here is my new Premna..who care about the invert tapering ?

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