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Here at Happy Holidays we hope you enjoy the art exhibited. You will find art in many forms, crafts, stories, poems, and recipes from the Art of Cooking. This is a place to relax and

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Searching for a 50 states fabric - 6" square is all thats needed

Hi, I got a note from a friend Ellen, some of you may remember her from the BHG forum years ago and she was on here in the early days as Butterfly before being mum to 3 boys ate her life! Anyways, wondering if anyone can help? Fingers crossed I wanted

Fabric Flowers

Pkt 4:- Black/White Fabric Flowers. $3.00, $1.20 postage, extra if you order more, please PM me if you would like to make an order Pkt 2 Denim Flowers/stick Pin $3.00

Can you identify a 50s fabric?

Does anyone out there recognise this fabric? I have seen it once or twice on ebay in yellow but no one seems to know who has designed it. It's got a Roman chariot theme so is quite distinctive. I emailed the V&A fabrics department but they didn't reply.

Fabric ID

I am wanting more of this fabric but don't know what it is. It comes in other colour ways to this and may be a Repro All I can see on the selvedge is the end of a word " on" and fabrics . It is NOT a Cranston fabric, it's too fine for that.

I came across this fabulous fabric!

As some of you know, I'm a Halloween costume designer also. While searching out a particular fabric I came across THIS and thought it was so gorgeous and interesting for Sugar skull tablecloths, aprons or anything. Just wanted to

Vintage fabric - Selvedge ( and other sources ) Information Sharing

Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere but I wondered if it might be useful to share Vintage Fabric information ? I have some fabrics with selvedge info and some without - and not being THAT much of an expert would like to learn more. If nothing

Ctc...What I want to make out of the fabric...

When I went to visit my family for Christmas, my brother and I got into a discussion about how he really didn't have much from his childhood. We used to have matching blankets when we were little...Raggedy Ann and Andy. (I still have my blanket.) I got to

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