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Whispered Faith

This was posted on unfiction, but after watching the five videos that are up so far, I don't think this is a Slender series. However, it does feature a certain other creature I think we're all familiar with...Has a twitter.

Proxy: A Slender Man story

Someone sent me this earlier today, searched the forum for a tread about it but didn't find one so I made a new one.It's the most well-made video with Slender Man I've seen so far, what do you guys think?I like how it's mostly in his head

Dwarf warband, Gyrocopter and Road Warden proxy...

Hey all, here's a Treasure Hunters warband I painted up for a friend (with Road Warden proxy), enjoy...

The "I Need Some Anime Recommendations" Thread

I'm surprised that such a thread hasn't been started here yet so I figured I'd start it. I'm sure that from time to time people look for new anime to watch, and are looking for specific things, but have a hard time finding what they want. In this thread,

The Proxy Phase

I'm finally getting around to watching what might be the second and third wave Slender vlogs, and I'm noticing a pattern. Almost all of them seem strong while setting up the general scenario of the Slender Man haunting. But then they all seem to reach a

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