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Piratebay proxy not working anymore. [SOLVED]

hi, I cannot open games4theworld piratebay account. either using free proxy link and piratebay link provided on, all is the same, I found 404 not found


RoyalViewer YouTube Bot - Bypass 301 | Proxy | Random Referrer | Skip Dead ProxyThis bot has been coded by me and I've been updating it throughout the months. No source code will be given to any members except for staff that may want to check if the

Proxy Spammers

For a while now I have been having a problem with a group of trolls that love to harass my forum, either through spamming, or just harassing the members under different names.  I have banned them multiple times, banned the IP, but they are getting around

** Exclusive Backconnect HTTP SOCKS4 SOCKS5 Proxy Service **

I would like to offer our cheapest & best quality proxy service for serious webmasters which can be used for:- Parsing- Post- Xrumer- Mailing- Web mailing- Clicking/Ranking- And much more..All proxies are Reverse Backconnect Proxies,

Code to ban proxy

I know from reading on the forum that banning proxy servers is tough and one at a time. I found a site which can generate code to block countries which may be major offenders and do nothing but host proxy servers. The code it generates looks like the one

How to set “use this proxy server for all protocols” option in selenium

I am trying to use manual proxy settings using selenium.My url works fine when manual proxy is set and "use this proxy server for all protocols" option is on when I try manually.I was able to set the proxy settings using selenium successfully. But

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