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The "I Need Some Anime Recommendations" Thread

I'm surprised that such a thread hasn't been started here yet so I figured I'd start it. I'm sure that from time to time people look for new anime to watch, and are looking for specific things, but have a hard time finding what they want. In this thread,

Dwarf warband, Gyrocopter and Road Warden proxy...

Hey all, here's a Treasure Hunters warband I painted up for a friend (with Road Warden proxy), enjoy...

A Proxy Protagonist?[Case Closed]

I've been contemplating making a slenderseries in which the main character is either a silent proxy, or a sort of... Slendy mercenary. The idea is that the main character is out to eliminate all witnesses of Slendy or Proxies. He would have a set of

The Proxy Phase

I'm finally getting around to watching what might be the second and third wave Slender vlogs, and I'm noticing a pattern. Almost all of them seem strong while setting up the general scenario of the Slender Man haunting. But then they all seem to reach a

What is a Proxy exactly?

So I am rather new to slender in general and am rather confused what a proxy is? So I am wondering what is a proxy? XD Short and simple if you could help I would love it! :3

Proxy: A Slender Man story

Someone sent me this earlier today, searched the forum for a tread about it but didn't find one so I made a new one. It's the most well-made video with Slender Man I've seen so far, what do you guys think? I like how it's mostly in his head

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