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The Proxy Phase

I'm finally getting around to watching what might be the second and third wave Slender vlogs, and I'm noticing a pattern. Almost all of them seem strong while setting up the general scenario of the Slender Man haunting. But then they all seem to reach a

A Proxy Protagonist?[Case Closed]

I've been contemplating making a slenderseries in which the main character is either a silent proxy, or a sort of... Slendy mercenary. The idea is that the main character is out to eliminate all witnesses of Slendy or Proxies. He would have a set of

Need a little help from proxy bloggers

Basically my character is going to be meeting Redlight for what amounts to a performance review. To see if I should be completely hollowed and turned into a mindless drone or allowed to keep some bit of my humanity and allow me to keep doing what I do.

Dwarf warband, Gyrocopter and Road Warden proxy...

Hey all, here's a Treasure Hunters warband I painted up for a friend (with Road Warden proxy), enjoy...

The best proxy videos and responses?

I don't know if anyone has asked this before, but I was very curious as to what you all thought. What are some of the best, unnerving, and creepy proxy videos you've all seen?

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