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Real SuperNatural Power!

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Christian Biblical Prophetic Dream and Vision Interpretation


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Prophetic VISION

The other day I had a vision I believe and it really shook me up. The vision; I was in a high rise building very high.........and I saw this screen and I knew I was in the future. This screen was about 6 foot high and as i stepped into I walked

Prophetic course

Does anyone know of a reliable online prophetic course that one could do? Xxx Sirianta

Ln desperate need of prophetic counseling

I am married to a man that has consistently lied about everything. Is a Christian... To compound things he gets angry when confronted and we are seriously struggling financially. I had an intense spiritual battle last night. Did not sleep well anf not

Prophetic Dreams that Don't Mean Much but Are Actually Prophetic

One of the most baffling portions of dream intpretation is the question of, Why do we have prophetic dreams about things in the future that mean practically nothing? For instance, this dream: I saw my house as I was coming home. It didn't look

Prophetic word in dream

How do you all view prophetic messages in dreams? I had a dream that a minister (that I don't know) gave me a particular word about my life.


An awesome list of miracles that God has done through intercessory prayer, through this ministry and the prayers of our warriors. Baby Miraculously Saved by God Through Our Payers NASA Man Saved by God Through Our Prayers Prophesied Tsunami Hits

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