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7th Jäger Guard Brigade

Group of Mount & Blade Napoleon. Fight for the Fatherland till the last man.

#jäger, #guard, #brigade, #group, #mount, #blade, #napoleon, #fight, #fatherland, #till, #last

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Primeval: New World

Interesting article I stumbled acrossed today: ACTRESS Sara Canning, best known for playing Jenna Sommers in The Vampire Diaries, is to star in Primeval: New World. The show is a north American spin-off of ITV's hit dino-drama Primeval. Canning

Abel Gance's groundbreaking Napoleon, 1927

Eddie Head Librarian Fri May 28, 2010 9:56 am From Wiki: Napoléon (1927) is an epic silent French film directed by Abel Gance that tells the story of the rise of Napoleon I of France. It begins from his youth in school where he managed a snowbal

Primeval Series 4

New to the forum so I apologize in advance if this thread has already been posted and way over done but like I said since I am new just wanted to post it and chat with other Primeval fans. Just heard that series 4 has wrapped filming and series 5 is

Primeval Series 3 Episode 5 the one with the Fungus Monster

It might just be me, but the Fungus Creature on Primeval reminded me of a Krnyoid. I mean, they're both plant based, both can turn humans into more of themsevles, and both were ugly (alright, that last one doesn't count but I couldn't think of any other

Primeval figures

I dunno if this has been asked, but has CO discontinued the line? I mean, I had heard that we were seeing figures at some point this year, but its not looking incredibly likely. Its a shame if they have, as some of the Monsters would've been awesome

primeval series 3

primeval was cancelled after series 3- any thoughts?

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